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Duke Scientific 杜克微粒

NIST溯源标准微粒, 荧光微粒, 流式多重检测微粒 时间分辨微粒


杜克科技 – 标准微球专家


duke scientific,杜克科技微球产品包括了NIST溯源级的标准尺寸微球/计数质控微球,染色/荧光微球,免疫诊断原料级聚合物微球。

赛默飞世尔科技Thermo Scientific™ duke 微粒可应用于校准、免疫检测、流式细胞术和颗粒分析等领域。duke scientific 杜克科技(已属于 赛默飞世尔科技 Thermo Scientific 旗下品牌)专业致力于为世界领先的临床诊断实验室、制药公司、大学和科究机构提供最专业、精准度高、批间差小、均一性高和稳定性好的符合NIST标准物质溯源体系NIST溯源标准粒子。duke标准微球还可应用于诊断领域的侧向层析技术、玻片凝集法和浊度法等方向的研发,或是微粒表征、细胞分选与计数、食品/农业、工业以及其他更多应用。

一些世界知名的大学、研究机构与临床诊断实验室的很多工程师、物理学家、 化学家以及科学家都在使用Thermo Scientific Duke 的微球,包括以下一些领域:

  • 分子生物学领域内的应用
  • 尺寸测定的参考标准物质
  • 核酸提取与细胞分离
  • 生物分子的特异标记物
  • 流体追踪仪器
  • 诊断试剂的反应界面
  • 其它应用

With a depth and breadth of innovative design and manufacturing experience that spans over 35 years, we are your proven, reliable source for world class particle technology solutions. Our beads are manufactured in proprietary ISO 13485 and FDA-certified facilities, resulting in products that provide:
• Precise, accurate performance
• Superior uniformity
• Excellent reproducibility
• Long-term stability
This also enables us to support you with comprehensive data about the characteristics and functionality of the beads you purchase. Customers can also count on our responsive, technical support backed by years of applications experience, training and research.

Rely on Thermo Scientific™ bead solutions for calibration, immunoassays, flow cytometry, and particulate analysis. Our commitment to the world’s leading clinical diagnostic labs, pharmaceutical firms, universities, and research institutions is built on a foundation of unmatched expertise in designing and manufacturing beads that deliver superior accuracy, consistent lot-to-lot reproducibility, high uniformity, and long-term stability.

Whether your application is lateral flow, slide agglutination tests and turbidimetric assay development, or particle characterization, cell sorting and counting, food/agriculture, industrial, and more, please contact our Particle Technology staff to discuss your specific needs.